DaxWax Wraps – Bee Yellow Range


Beeswax wraps made with cotton fabric, beeswax & jojoba oil. Wraps are also 100% pine resin-free.

100% pure & chemical-free.Australian beeswax from a beekeeper in South Australia.

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Care instructions:

  • Wipe over with COOL SOAPY WATER & air dry.
  • Will last for 6 – 12 months.
  • Wraps that can no longer be used can be composted.

Additional tips:

As gum rosin/tree resin which is commonly used to give beeswax wraps an extra stickiness, or “cling”.is also known to cause skin allergies, DaxWax Wraps only use Jojoba oil.  A handy tip to make your wraps sticky as the popular commercial available ones is to simply scrunch the beeswax wrap a few times, then give it a good rub all over with your fingers, to soften and smooth the wax coating.

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24 x 24 cm, 20 x 29 cm, 17 x 33 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 35 x 35 cm, Round 33 cm


Yellow/White Herringbone, Yellow/Black Bones, Yellow/Black Circles, Yellow/Black Herringbone, Yellow Ladders Swirls, Yellow/Black Herringbone Dots