Making your own homemade dehydrated dog treats is insanely easy!

All you need is a dehydrator – we picked ours up at Aldi a few years ago and it’s well and truly paid for itself over and over.

The method is simple, slice up your protein or fruit/vegies and pop into the dehydrator and set and forget.

To manage allergies & yeast issues, 2 Silly Sausages have been on a raw style diet (no kibble) for the last 4 years. We practice a TCVM therapy diet focused on the cool category.  TCVM Food Therapy Chart

Their protein is primarily chicken/turkey/duck/lamb and fruit/veg is more in the cool side eg: nothing red or orange (low allergenic) – all of which we dehydrate and use for rewards and supplements into their diet.

A few tips –

When slicing your protein, pop into the freezer until half frozen and then slice.

Place the dehydrator in the garage away from the kitchen because hounds can smell protein at 100 paces and start drooling about 2 hours into the drying time!

Roll some treats in melted coconut oil and sprinkle with dried tumeric for an added bonus.

We hope your hounds love their dehydrated treats as much as 2 Silly Sausages.


Credit:  Lifetime Wellness Centre for their link to TCVM Diet foods.

dehydrated chicken